A Shortcut for Batch Adding Countries to AdWords

Creating a global AdWords campaign that excludes a few countries is something that should be simple to do, but for some reason Google does not allow you to create a campaign and delete a few countries from it. Rather than spend a lot of unnecessary time manually adding each country, we recommend this workaround.

The first step is to get a list of all countries listed by continent copied into Excel. You can access a Batch Countries List for AdWords here. Next, you will need to delete the countries that you want to exclude from the spreadsheet.

List of countries by continent, with the locations that need to be deleted.

Then, you simply need to copy and paste the lists of countries into AdWords Editor using Make Multiple Changes, verify the locations and upload the campaign to AdWords.

This tip can save you hours of time. If you have any suggestion for improving it please leave a comment below.

For detailed instructions click on this link: How to Batch Add Countries to a Google AdWords Campaign.

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