Global Multilingual SEO Book Just Published

My book on Global Multilingual SEO was published on Amazon recently. It is a short, hands on, practical guide based on our 15 years of managing global campaigns.

Global Multilingual SEO and Internet Marketing


The main chapters are:

  • Should You Market Globally?
  • Should You Translate The Entire Website?
  • Letting The Search Engines Know What Country You Are
  • Targeting For Your Website
  • Additional Factors To Consider With Geolocation
  • Selected Language/Country Scenarios
  • Additional Language Issues
  • Localization Issues Not Related To Language
  • Interacting With Your Global Customers
  • Search Engines With Most Traffic By Country
  • Organic Search
  • Searching For Research And Spying On Competitors
  • Pay Per Click (Ppc)
  • Content Management System
  • Product Or Service Compatibility/Legality And Other Issues

It is on Amazon here:
I have a free excerpt here:

I would be happy to read any comments you may have.

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