The Easy Way to Have a Viral Video

Your boss tells you that the company needs a viral video fast. What should you do? There are two easy viral video paths. One is to have a company game the system which is outlined in this post.

Look at the Youtube stats (it is right under the video window) of videos which have more views than you would expect. You can see that many of the views come from India or other countries where you may suspect that someone may be buying views.

I prefer the second option: make a great video and use a company that specializes in this. They will have a head start on getting exposure. The company which did the viral video below has a subscriber module, and a track record that helps.

Youtube shows websites which helped this viral video get exposure.

Enjoy the viral video below. Note the effort required to make this video: song writing, rehearsals, picking the best location, getting everything on video (several videos are needed) etc.

Not everyone knows all the references in the video. Which makes it a good test for SEO companies interviewing new prospects. Anyone who doesn’t smile and know all the social media sites mentioned in the video would not be suitable for the job.

If you  have a smaller budget then you will need to work harder. But that is a subject for another post.

It is safe to say that creating a viral video for companies takes tremendous effort no matter what strategies are taken.

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