Usability Testing in Foreign Languages

If your website design doesn’t work well you can always add instructions to help overcome many of the problems. However this is not ideal. The easier your website is to use the better chance you will have of making the sale.

One of the best ways we found to test websites is to use a foreign language version. Ask people where different items are and how to do different tasks on websites where they don’t know the language. They certainly should be able to find sign in fields, contact us links and checkout buttons.

If they cannot, you know your website has serious problems that have to addressed urgently. Good designers use colors, buttons and other visual cues to let visitors know how to navigate the page.

In the screen shot  below, Naver, the Korean search engine, uses red to show campaign segments that are not running and green to show which ones are running. You don’t have to know Korean to figure out what the colors indicate.


Using visual cues is a great way to improve the usability of websites. Testing them with users who don’t know the language is a great method for uncovering important website design flaws.

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