Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, Baidu, Naver, Yandex

We have taken over many campaigns that are not focused on increasing sales and leads. And if you are targeting countries where Google, Bing and Yahoo have little market share, we can manage your campaign on the local search engines as well.

  • Baidu in China
  • Yandex in Russia
  • Yahoo/Google in Japan
  • Naver in Korea

These are the major search engines. In some of the countries, there are additional important players.

PPC Case Studies

A hi-tech B2B company sold to big companies throughout the world. After a couple of years, we were told to stop advertising in Japan – we had sold to every potential client in this important market. A couple of years is not a long time as the sales cycle is very long. We then had more resources to focus on other markets.

A hotel owner called us to manage his internet marketing campaign. At first, I tried to explain that the hotel was too small to justify engaging us. However, the owner was insistent and as it turned out, he was smarter than me.

Since it was a small hotel in a major city, we knew that there would be a positive ROI on niche keywords. Our PPC campaign focused on high-converting keywords. In five months the hotel occupancy went from 50% to 85%!

Flushed with this success, we agreed to take on another small hotel—a boutique hotel in a European capital. After a couple of years, the hotel added another wing—more than doubling the number of rooms. You can’t get a better testimonial than that.

Translating PPC Campaigns

Your campaigns can be translated into the appropriate languages where this is needed. In some countries there are many languages to be addressed:

  • Japan has a sizable Korean speaking population
  • USA has a significant Spanish speaking population
  • Ukraine has many Russian speakers

There are many more countries that have mixed populations that have to be considered, depending on your industry and business goals.

We will make sure the keywords you use in different countries reflect the local usage.

Global Remarketing

Remarketing refers to following people who have visited your website as they visit different sites on the Internet, to display your advertisements there.

Different cultures react to remarketing campaigns differently. We will adjust your campaigns’ remarketing frequency accordingly.