Medical Site

No need to wait for organic search traffic – even if it is a new site! The conventional wisdom is that building up natural traffic takes a long time – especially for a brand new site.

We agreed to a bonus schedule where the bonus would be paid if we met a traffic target within 12 months from the website launch.

We worked in a methodological manner. The 1st months were focused on adding content to the site. The next 4 months focused on increasing organic traffic to the site from the search engines. The bonus was paid 6 months after the site went live – 6 months early!

seo ppc success stories

USA E-commerce Site

SEO Revenues outstrip Pay Per Click (PPC) Revenues

  • PPC (Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing) ad revenue increases by 183% with only a slight increase in cost within 4 months of our starting campaign
  • SEO Revenue increases 262% and is now much more than Ad revenue

E-commerce B2C and B2B Website

An E-commerce website increased traffic by 235%.

ppc success

And increased conversion rate by 850%..

increased conversion rate

Resulting in an explosion of conversions – an increase of 19,619%!

Global Lead Generation Medical Device Site

Conversion Optimization – A/B Test Results

Our recommendations to test a page with a different layout and headline shows a conversion improvement of 39.5%. 

lead generation

Document Security

A Document Security Company had a successful Google AdWords campaign when they came to us. They were very hesitant about handing over the keys to an outside vendor since this campaign was so successful. However, they were pleasantly surprised. We immediately started to optimize their campaign which resulted in a big jump in leads.

They needed time to handle all the additional leads.

The next thing they asked us to do was to immediately reduce their spend by almost half with a minimal impact on leads – not an easy task.

We analyzed the campaign using our software and exported the data. In order to expedite matters, we eliminated all ad groups where spending and quality visitors were extremely low. We then concentrated on the other groups.

We couldn’t use conversion statistics since there was not enough information to be statistically significant. We, therefore, sorted the groups by conversion proxies using our proprietary methodology.

This showed us which groups:

  • To eliminate
  • To reduce bids and/or adjust ads

The results were:

  • A 40% reduction in spending with only a 17% decrease in leads
  • A happy client

European E-commerce Web Site

We were originally contacted to start an SEO campaign. Website analysis revealed duplicate content issues within each site as well as between country-specific websites. A strategy was developed to neutralize these issues and the entire site was reorganized.

A usability study was implemented in order to reveal issues that would impact users as a result of the site reorganization. Serious flaws were uncovered for first time users who wanted to order products. Resolutions were integrated into the new site organization.

A funnel analysis was then conducted with each product segmented separately. This revealed additional website problems that were subsequently taken care of.

It is always best to eliminate website usability and other conversion problems before increasing SEO traffic, to ensure you don’t alienate potential clients with poor usability. Once they have had a bad experience, they probably won’t return.