Marketing Communications to Digital Marketing

One of the reasons we are so successful in increasing sales and leads is because of our roots.

Our company was preparing for Internet marketing before the Internet was invented. We were a Marketing Communications Company honing our skills in advertising, design and copywriting.

Even before that, I unwittingly prepared for becoming a website usability expert. My Master’s thesis in Architecture focused on analyzing how buildings were actually used—in contrast to what the architect envisioned.

We now apply those skills when optimizing for conversions on websites. One thing I did notice was the similarity in how designers think about entrances. In the same way that the architect many times envisions everyone entering a building through the main door, website designers many times design as if everyone first lands on the home page. Of course, this rarely happens but the same mistake is made over and over again.

Web Design to SEO

We started designing websites in 1995. Since we were a marketing communications firm, I was interested in SEO early on, even though our clients did not ask for this service when we designed websites. It was really easy to optimize back then.

In 1998, one of our clients came by to update their website. To quote from memory, he said– “by the way, we are getting a lot of leads and sales through our site”. That is when I first realized there was value in SEO for generating sales leads and decided to change the company focus. We now have a great team of Internet marketing specialists on board.

This same client also mentioned that there is a new search engine that we should try out. It’s called Google. This just goes to prove that our company policy of listening closely to what our clients are saying is very important in more ways than you might expect.

We are early adopters and started with Google’s PPC as soon as it came out. A few years later, I was one of the first to pass their professional test and they sent me some Google AdWords presents.

Social Media

Afterwards, we, of course, started Social Media Optimization. Fortunately, I have a brother who is a professor and he was able to invite me to Facebook. In those early days, you had to have someone invite you in order to join.

The Internet is constantly changing and we always have to learn new skills. However, I enjoy challenges and decided to offer multilingual Internet marketing services. We have run campaigns in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many other languages.


I am especially proud of our success with B2B companies. Some of these companies are in niches and traditional Internet marketing methods don’t work. I once had a meeting with a Google employee and she told me that they were having trouble being successful with B2B companies.

She was very happy to know that we have been successful with this.

Client Loyalty

We are very gratified that many of our clients have been with us for years—many over 10 years. That is our best testimonial.

To be honest, we do have clients who have left us. In the beginning, it sometimes happened because we took on clients which in retrospect were not appropriate.

One client sold jewelry. He had a very small selection and was competing with companies much bigger than his with more resources. Because of the small selection, his conversion rate was low. We did improve his Adwords campaign compared to the existing campaign. However, in hindsight, a small jewelry company on Adwords can only succeed if they focus on a small niche with many offerings. Otherwise, the cost to get traffic in this super competitive business is too large to get a positive ROI.

Today, we are very careful to only work with clients with whom we believe we can succeed. It is not worth it for us to take on short-term clients because the first few months don’t cover our costs due to the time it takes to learn about a new client.

Other clients, we have lost due to changes in management. Many times they return even though this is hard to do psychologically.

We are now very busy working with our clients all over the world. In the morning, we first check our email from clients in the East as it is towards the end of their workday. After that, we communicate with our clients in Israel and Europe. In the afternoon we have our meetings with our clients in the USA and the Americas.

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About Our Company (The Transcript)

I’d like to tell you a little bit about our company. We were originally a marketing communications company and about 20 years ago one of our clients came to the site to change his website. In those days, they didn’t have CMS units, so you had to come to the office and we had to do coding. So, he told me two important things. One important thing he told me was that they are getting a lot of orders through their website, and so then I knew that internet marketing was really something that worked. And the other thing he said was that there’s a new search engine that’s called Google and I should check it out.

After he left, I decided I’m going to change our whole office from marketing communications to digital marketing, which we did. And we first started with organic marketing, because that’s what there was. There was no Adwords.

When Adwords came along, I took their test and I was one of the first 100 people in the world to become a Google professional. After I passed their test, I got an email from Google that says, “Please send us your address. We want to send you some things”. Of course, I thought this was spam, because when do you get an email from Google asking for your real address? But I looked it over very carefully and it looked like a legitimate type of thing. So I sent them my real address, and a bit later I got some presents in the mall. Here you can see this Google hat I got from them. And this is a notebook that they sent me. They sent me a pen, but the pen was not so high quality so it stopped working. But it had colors that change to all the different Google colors.

After that, we also went into social media as FB and Twitter and all the other platforms started to become available.

We also do something very important called conversion optimization. This I actually learned how to do before the internet. I did my Master’s thesis in Architecture at the Technion and I compared what the architect thought people would do with the building to what people actually used the building for, what changes they did. We do the same thing with websites. We understand what the web designer had in mind, but we see what people are actually doing on the website. And, we see what we could do to improve the website and improve the conversions, and the leads. That’s one of the most important things we do in addition to the other marketing options that we use. OK, so that’s basically how we started.sales

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