Press Releases

November 4, 2018: Re-branding Strategy — Why We Changed Our Internet Marketing Name

HAIFA – Established companies must always be open to change or risk getting left behind. On the other hand, re-branding carries its own risks. You can lose the reputation and goodwill you’ve worked so hard to create.

April 29, 2018: New Video Makes it Easy to Choose a Digital Marketing Company to Work With

Many companies struggle with choosing a company to manage their digital marketing. That is why we produced 2 digital marketing company videos to make this task easier.

July 16, 2008: Internet Marketing Company Expands with Japanese and Chinese Staff

Due to increasing demand for internet marketing to the Far East AIMS decided to bring SEO and PPC Japanese and Chinese capabilities in-house. This affects AIMS internet marketing in many ways.

May 11, 2008: Multilingual Internet Marketing – The Final Frontier

Targeting Klingons as the Global Internet Marketing Space becomes Overcrowded. AIMS Internet Marketing in Israel is pushing the envelope on multilingual internet marketing.