Google usually does a great job of making everything quick and easy. But we occasionally find a glitch or missing link.

Unless you specify one or more targeting locations, Google’s default is to show your ad in all locations. However, Google does not make it possible to add all countries to location targeting and then remove just a couple of countries. If you are not marketing to every country, 196 in total, you must add each of the countries individually, which is a tedious process.

Fortunately for anyone reading this post and who might come across this challenge, we discovered a solution that can save you time.

It helps to have a list of the countries by continent. Download the Excel worksheet.

Find the countries that you wish to remove and simply delete them. Then simply copy all the countries that you wish to import, open the Google Ads Editor, click on “Locations”, click on “Make Multiple Changes”, click on “Add/Update Multiple Changes”, paste in your new countries and then approve them. Quite simple!

After adding your new countries to the Editor you just click “Post” to upload them to Google Ads. Remember that you check the performance on a county-by-country basis in Analytics by visiting the “Location” tab under “Demographics”. Don’t forget to check the paid search advanced segment to make sure you are only analyzing paid search ads.