Call to Action: A statement or page link which encourages a prospective customer to get to a conversion page.

Conversion (Marketing): When a website visitor / prospective customer follows the sales path laid out by the marketers.

Conversion Action: An action which turns a web visitor into a customer. This includes: making an online purchase, writing an email, or submitting a form in order to request additional information. (May also be called a business or sales action)

Conversion Funnel: The path a prospective customer takes while visiting a website. May also be known as a sales path.

Conversion Optimization: Maximizing information architecture of a website to encourage visitors to become a customer.

Conversion Page: The page in which a business action is taken by the web visitor/customer. This includes: a shopping cart page or a contact page.

Conversion Rate: Percentage of visitors who take the conversion action.

Cost / Conversion: A statistic for Google Ads that gives you the amount spent per conversion. The formula is: total cost divided by the total number of conversions.

Customer Engagement (CE): This goal here is for long-term customer/business interaction which is based on encouraging customer loyalty and promotion through word-of-mouth. Conversions are used in a more strategic context that focuses on maximizing conversions with the understanding that in some cases there may not be repeat conversions.

Digital Marketing: The marketing of products or services over the Internet. It is also known as: internet marketing, i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing.

Win-Loss Analytics: Analyzing why a visitor did or didn’t engage in a conversion action.